About Us


Designing for People

  We are a twenty-first century social innovation firm that thrives on the latest technologies, systems and processes for design thinking. We are a consultancy and training firm that uses design-thinking proficiency, user centricity mindset, and the agile-phased processes. We create innovative solutions that include designing products, services, policies and work environments to the clients. 


We are a group of senior and mid-career professionals who aim to make a difference in the Egyptian Labor Market. In 2016, we were accredited by Zero360 in Berlin, Germany as professional Design Thinking coaches and started to implement the D-method with our professional network; which resulted in prospective solutions in the development, private and public sectors. From innovation to implementation phases, D- Venture includes the people who drive them from within in order to guarantee the efficacy of our results.  We believe in the D-effect and we trust the process.


Why Us?

The social and professional diversity of the D-venture coaches helps us to create dynamic, harmonious and bureaucracy-free work environment that is positively reflected in the Design Thinking workshops we carry out. The 23 up to 60-year-old gender balanced expertise includes Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Training, Social Development, Strategic Planning and Reform, service Design, Gamification experts, Supply Chain and many others. Moreover, the D-venture coaches are practitioners of agile methods that help them facilitate the Prototyping and Testing phase of Design thinking in a light-footed manner.  


Our Approach

Our main focus is to drive social innovation at various organizations on different levels. It is all about promoting creativity to find solutions for current challenges in a human-centric manner. To do so, we developed a framework for our projects:

D-Bank             D-Chain              D-Sustain       D-Impact